Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Aug 124 – Mon Aug 31

5463 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1601 homes sold in the last 30 days
3.41 months worth of inventory
29.31% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Balanced
Average List Price : $478,240
Average Sale Price : $466,063
Average days on market : 40
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.45%

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Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Aug 17 – Mon Aug 24

5419 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1670 homes sold in the last 30 days
3.25 months worth of inventory
31% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Balanced
Average List Price : $485,431
Average Sale Price : $473,334
Average days on market : 40
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.51%

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How the Right Scent Can Help Sell Your Home!


 Some real estate agents call the use of scents to sell a home the ‘Scentmosphere’ of that particular property. Here is why it may be important to the sale of your home!

When trying to sell a house, tidiness and a pleasant smell are up there when ensuring prospective buyers are impressed. The fragrance of home baking and freshly brewed coffee have long been thought to be the perfect combination of odours, but it seems tastes have changed. Now, the best way to guarantee interest is to ensure an exotic blend of white tea and fig are on offer to a buyer’s nostrils.

Property experts claim homes featuring this mixture of smells have sold so quickly, one major housebuilder is now planning to feature the scent in all of its properties. Until now it has been traditional to brew up a pot of coffee, bake bread or put out freshly cut flowers when prospective buyers come to look round a home. This was because these smells are said to create a welcoming feel, plus they cover up any pets smells or cooking aromas. However, it seems a cocktail of white tea and fig works best, particularly in new builds.

According to the research, this is because it’s difficult to replicate a ‘homely, lived-in feel’ in a building with minimal furniture or decoration. Luxury housebuilder Millgate commissioned aroma experts ScentAir to create the perfect smell for its showhomes. Millgate sales and marketing boss Jonathan Cranley said: ‘We do believe scent is a powerful way to connect on emotional and memorable levels with our customers, forging a greater association when a buyer first walks into a home. ‘After extensive testing and consideration, we selected the white tea and fig scent for our homes as the blend creates a soothing, luxurious environment.’ The smells are subtle enough not to put buyers off, and are fresh enough to match the fresh and clean design of the new homes.

‘From its roots in China, white tea is renowned for its health benefits, while fig exudes a sophisticated yet subtle scent which appeals to our buyers,’ continued Cranley. Since using the fig and tea scent in its properties, the company claims to have sold eight flats for up to £800,000 each, and six homes costing up to £4.25 million, in ‘just a few weeks.’ Jonathan Cranley added: ‘The response to the scent from visitors has been so positive in fact that we are now introducing ScentAir to all our developments. ‘Using more of our buyer’s senses to form a bond with a home could play a vital role in the buying process.’

Using a judicious approach to selling with scents can work wonders to a potential buyer who wants to feel what it would be like to live in your home. By eliminating the unpleasant odors and introducing some subtle aromas, you could find that your home sells in no time.

Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Aug 10 – Mon Aug 17

5360 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1729 homes sold in the last 30 days
3.10 months worth of inventory
32.26% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Balanced
Average List Price : $484,049
Average Sale Price : $471,956
Average days on market : 40
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.50%

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Home for Rent?

When your current home no longer meets your needs, you have a choice to make: rent it out or sell it? Here are some questions you’ll need to ponder when deciding which way to go?


What are your renting rights? Those living in condos or home-owners associations might be subject to community bylaws prohibiting or limiting (to a certain length of time, for example) their ability to rent out their properties. Even if such bylaws don’t apply to you, you should check your mortgage documents and municipal regulations to be sure of your rights.

Can you afford to hold onto your property in addition to buying your next one? Talk to your mortgage lender. If you need your current home’s equity to buy your next home (or for other reasons), the obvious answer is no. Ask your real estate agent for an estimate of what you’d pocket by selling, so you can weigh that figure against what you’d bring in through rental income after paying for expenses including maintenance and insurance.

What the local market doing? What’s it likely to do in the future? Again, talk to your real estate agent. They can tell you whether properties comparable to yours are declining or increasing in value and what local demand for rental properties like yours is – factors that will be hugely influential in your decision to sell or rent.

Is being a landlord for you? Discuss all the pros and cons with your real estate agent, your lender and your legal counsel.

Knock on Wood

Inspecting your property’s trees for damage and disease doesn’t take much effort, but goes a long way towards protecting your home and its residents from natural disaster.

When trees or limbs fall, they can do serious damage to your house, vehicles, and even you and your family. Plus, they can take out power lines. Spotting signs of immediate or potential risk can be safely done from the ground and with binoculars.

Starting at the top, look for dead, broken, split, or handing limbs, which can fall at any time. Healthy branches also need immediate attention if they’re posing a danger, such as being too close to power lines.

Deep cracks, large cavities, and pockets of decay in branches or trunks – particularly where branches meet trunks – can mean the tree’s structural integrity is compromised. Trees with multiple trunks can be problematic too, if their connections are weak or splitting.

Moving to the base, exposed roots and fungal growth around the base or on those exposed roots may indicate root rot or trunk decay. Also, a tree that’s begun to lean or show signs of uprooting (like raised soil opposite the direction it’s leaning) is likely in the process of falling over.

It’s important to inspect your trees both before and after severe weather. If you need help diagnosing an unhealthy tree or dealing with a damaged one, contact an arborist.


Culinary Cleanliness


Kitchens take a lot of abuse from everyday spills to years of grease build-up. Is yours only superficially clean? To give it a deep cleaning, tick off this list of chores that tend to go ignored for too long.


  • Remove hardware and wash in soap and water
  • Empty cupboards and drawers and wash them down
  • Remove and wash cabinetry organizers – cutlery dividers are crumb magnets
  • Wash cabinetry exteriors with a product effective on grease (IE orange oil). Restore the lustre to wood cabinetry with furniture polish.


  • Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, chased by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit, covered. After about 15 minutes, pour boiling water down the drain.
  • Sharpen and clean your garbage disposal with two cups of ice followed by a cip of rock or sea salt. Run citrus peels through to combat odour.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the nooks and crannies of faucets, soap dispensers, and sprayers. Soak faucet and sprayer aerators in vinegar to unclog holes.


  • Remove and wash shelves and drawers (even from the door, if possible), the vent, and accessories like ice trays.
  • Unplug and pull fridge out to wash the floor underneath, and clean its coils with vacuum attachments.
  • Wash the insides, preferably with natural products so your food won’t absorb unpleasant chemical odours. Use a toothbrush on the door’s rubber seal.
  • Clean the entire exterior. White vinegar is great for obliterating fingerprints on stainless steel.


  • Remove everything that can be easily detached – cutlery holder, grate, filter, spinning arm – and give it a good soaking. Make sure the arm’s holes are unobstructed.
  • Check around the drain for debris (IE food scraps, broken glass or plastic) and clear it away.
  • Place a cup of white vinegar on the top rock and run an otherwise empty cycle on the hottest setting possible.
  • Clean the dishwasher’s rubber seal, the edges of the door, and the exterior.


  • Remove racks, knobs, burners & drip pans or grates and caps for washing.
  • If your oven’s self-cleaning, set it to work while you clean elsewhere. use a commercial oven cleaner or natural products like vinegar or baking soda on a regular non-self-cleaning ovens.
  • If your oven has a storage drawer, don’t forget to clean it out, too.
  • Give the exterior a good washing, being careful to use a cleaner safe for its finish (no abrasives on stainless steel!)


  • Use a sponge to wash walls with a solution of warm water, mild liquid soap and vinegar. Rinse with water and dry before moving onto the next section.
  • Clean grout with a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide paste. Let it sit for about 10 minutes, scrub with a toothbrush, then wipe it off.

Weekly Real Estate Update: Tues Aug 4 – Tues Aug 11

5318 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1808 homes sold in the last 30 days
2.94 months worth of inventory
34% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Balanced
Average List Price : $486,506
Average Sale Price : $474,697
Average days on market : 41
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.57%


Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Jul 27 – Tues Aug 4

5192 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1864 homes sold in the last 30 days
2.78 months worth of inventory
35.90% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Balanced
Average List Price : $484,668
Average Sale Price : $472,860
Average days on market : 41
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.56%

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