Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Oct 19 – Mon Oct 26

5920 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1329 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.46 months worth of inventory
22.45% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $471,308
Average Sale Price : $457,308
Average days on market : 40
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.03%

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Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Oct 12 – Mon Oct 19

5930 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1389 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.26 months worth of inventory
23% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $472,637
Average Sale Price : $459,268
Average days on market : 39
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.13%

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Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Oct 05 – Mon Oct 12

5931 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1408 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.21 months worth of inventory
23.73% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $478,002
Average Sale Price : $465,048
Average days on market : 39
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.29%

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Fall is the Time to Check Your Windows & Doors

By: Michelle Hopkins for Luxury Living Magazine


When Stacey Anderson purchased a 1987 split-level home in Hawkwood, she knew that windows and some of the doors had to be replaced. All were original and many of the windows had condensation between the panes of glass, allowing for heat to escape during winter.

“I actually had five different window and door companies come into our home to give us quotes,” says Stacey, “Rusco Industries wasn’t the cheapest, but we were so impressed by their knowledge, by the fact that they listened to our concerns and gave us solutions to our issues.”

She went on t say that Dave (David McDonald, Manager, Rusco Industries Calgary Ltd.) was willing to explore ideas and work with her vision.

“Dave seemed to know more about window styles and designs that the others we spoke to,” she says.

In the end, Stacey is thrilled with how her new windows, window frames and doors transformed the look of her home.

“They look amazing… in fact, my neighbour has window and door envy.” she quips, adding Rusco went above and beyond. “My neighbour was so impressed she said to me ‘I wish I had known about Rusco.’ Also, our installer was professional, so friendly and made us feel like we were a priority.”

Thinking of replacing your windows? You’re not alone. Many homeowners are concerned about the efficiency (or lack there of) of their windows. As Dave McDonald says: “If you are sitting next to a window, and you’re feeling a draft and cold, and your energy bills are high, it’s usually your windows”

He suggests homeowners walk around their home to make sure the wood window frames are solid, not chipped or showing signs of peeling paint, as moisture can get in resulting in deterioration. In addition, ensure your windows are well sealed and caulked. If your windows do need replacing, Dave has the following suggestions: Buy from a reputable supplier, purchase renovation quality grade windows (initially, they might cost more but in the long run, you will never have to replace them again), and finally, ensure the warranty is transferable should you sell your home down the road.

“Make sure the installers are professionally trained and certified,” adds Dave.

With more than six decades in Calgary, Rusco Industries is a multiple award-winning leaded in the industry. This family-run company is where Calgarians go to purchase and install top of the line windows, doors, siding & sunrooms on everything from single family homes to condos, to commercial buildings.

“Our windows keep the heat out in the summer and keep the heat in during the wainter,” says Dave, adding all windows, including the window seals, and doors have a lifetime guarantee.

Rusco Industries’ windows are approved and certified by the nationally recognized Window Wise – a replacement window quality assurance program designed to give homeowners peace of mind that its window replacements and installations will last.

Rusco is one of the most experienced renovators in the business. Its quality renovation services and attention to detail ensures they transform your home into the one you always envisioned.

“Our workmanship will stand the test of time, ensuring that your home will stay beautiful for years to come,” adds Dave.

Complete Exterior Renovation Services
Showroom @ #3, 1430 40th Ave NE, Calgary 

10 Questions with Jason Palacsko, Brookfield Residential

By: Heather Ryan – Luxury Living Magazine

Jason Palacsko is vice-president, Operation – Calgary Communities and has been with Brookfield Residential for more than 19 years. Brookfield has been developing communities in Calgary for more than 50 years and has built more than 60 communities in the area. In fact, one in five Calgarians live in a Brookfield community. Currently, Brookfield is developing Auburn Bay, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, Cranston, Riverstone & New Brighton in the south and its newest community Symons Gate in the north.


  1. What do you love most about Calgary? It is a great city with great people. There’s always something to do in the city, and living near the mountains is a big plus.
  2. What community do you live in, and why did you choose it? I live in Auburn Bay. It has everything we want in a community. Living near the lake, with all it has to offer, allows me to feel like I’m on vacation when I get home from work and on weekends. The community is very family friendly, and offers lots of amenities such as playgrounds and parks for my kids. Nearby shopping and entertainment, with Seton immediately adjacent to Auburn Bay, is a bonus. The community has a great feel and it’s a great place to come home to just to relax.
  3. Auburn Bay was built by Brookfield – where did the inspiration for the lake come from? Auburn Bay was inspired by Canada’s great tradition of cottage country lifestyles. People coming to Calgary from across Canada can relate to the memories taht are created when you have an amenity like a private 43-acre lake close by. Our vision was to provide that quality of life, year-round, for Auburn Bay homeowners, and it’s great to see that has become a reality.
  4. Can you tell us a little more about Auburn Bay? Auburn Bay is a 900-acre community featuring a 43-acre lake and a 13-acre beach and park. It has homes in all product segments that would suit any family’s needs. The most recent release of lake front homes includes sine if the most premier lots in the city, with private docks that feature expanzive south views of the private beach and park. AuburnBay will have two new schools and, in the longer term, a Green Line LRT connection.
  5. Auburn Bay is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Are you doing anything special to celebrate? There will be plenty of activities throughout the month of September. Our builder partners have opened eight new showhomes, and we’ve just released a new phase of premier lakefront lots. We just broke ground on Auburn Station this August, a new retail centre just off 52nd Street.
  6. Can you tell us abut the communities Brookfield Residential has developed in Calgary? The list is long so I can’t list them all, but some of my personal favourites are Tuscany, McKenzie Towne, Riverbend, Edgemont & Silver Springs.
  7. What does Brookfield Residential see as the most important features to add to a community? The most important feature people tell us they want to see in a community is schools – we always plan for and hope that schools can be built early in the community’s development. Beyond that, its parks and pathways that rank highest for homeowners.
  8. What was the most unique feature Brookfield Residential has created in a community? Residents’ Associations – they are private clubs dedicated to providing great amenities, services and programs to the community. They usually have a large facility with banquet space and gymnasiums and they operate 4-season activities like toboggan shoots, skating, splash parks, tennis, green spaces, playgrounds you name it. They help build a sense of belonging and residents love them.
  9. On the lighter side, what’s your favourite spot to watch live? NFL football is my sport of choice. I’ve been to Denver to watch my favourite team a few times. The ambiance is fantastic – especially when they win.
  10. What’s your favourite vacation spot? I trade the lake in for an ocean – our family loves being by the water. My family has been to Hawaii and we love it there.

Showing Day To-Dos


You keep your home clean and clutter-free the entire time it’s on the market, right? Of course you do! But below are a few chores that are “must-do” on any day your home with be shown to potential buyers:

  • First thing in the morning, make the bed(s) and make sure there is no dirty laundry in sight. It requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, but buyers like to think no one’s actually living in the home they’re viewing.
  • After morning bathroom routines are finished, round up and hide all toilettries – toothbrushes, razors, what’s left of bar soaps, and all those bottles in the shower, even the just-used towels. Ensure counters and sinks are clean & toilet lids are down.
  • Finished breakfast? Now make sure that none of last night’s, last week’s or this mornings dirty dishes are on the counters or in the sink, and that the counters are spotlessly clean.
  • Let the light and air in. Open up all your window coverings (except the ones that would reveal an unsightly view) and interior doors, and turn on all the lights. Open up all the safe-to-open windows (unless they’d let in off-putting noise)
  • Make sure your thermostat’s set for temperatures that will be welcoming and comfortable given the day’s weather. Now’s not the time to skimp on utilities! Buyers will rush through the showing if they’re too cold or hot.
  • Empty all garbage cans around your home, as well as any ashtrays, litter boxes, etc. You’ll be leaving before the buyer arrives, right? Of course you will! So you can take the garbage and litter out with you for disposal.

Turnaround or Turnkey?

Fixer-upper or move-in ready home? Weigh the pros and cons of each to see which is best for you!

Fixer-Upper: Pros

  • Price: Homes needing work are usually priced accordingly and there’s often more room to negotiate. That lower price can mean less risk during market downturns and greater resale potential.
  • Design Possibilities: A fixer-upper affords greater opportunity to design a home that’s customized to your specific tastes. Plus, you’ll have more confidence in the quality of the finished product.

Fixer Upper: Cons

  • A fixer-upper requires work – and patience: Whether you DIY or hire contractors, fixer-uppers are obviously more work, and the process can mean months or even years of inconvenience.
  • The cost of fixing up that fixer-upper could offset your savings on the purchase price: Research the cost of repairs and renovations to see if you’ll really come out ahead. Remember that the cost of credit can quickly eat into any financials gains from the renovations.

Move-In Ready: Pros

  • Turnkey homes require little to no work: Making them ideal for buyers short on time or DIY skills. Plus, life in your new home won’t be disrupted by ongoing construction.
  • You’ll likely find it’s easier to obtain financing and insurance: As compared to a fixer-upper. Lenders see turnkey homes as less of a risk.

Move-In Ready: Cons

  • Move-in ready homes command higher prices: Their sellers, having put much work into getting their properties into such condition, may be less negotiable and you’ll likely face more buyer competition.
  • Lack of customization: Buying a turnkey home means paying for improvements the seller has made. Unless you want to spend even more upon moving in, you’ll be living with their choices for some time.

House: before and after

The Upside of a ‘Down’ Market

While sluggish summer real estate activity in the city of Calgary resulting in a 27% drop in August 2015 residential home sales compared to August 2014 (which, in all fairness, was a record year) and a 12% drop compared to the 10 year averages, home buyers are now approaching the market with an eye to more choice and greater affordability.

Overall, the combination of price declines and higher inventory levels in some segments of the market are influencing buying patterns in Calgary, confirmed Calgary Real Estate Board® (CREB®) President Corinne Lyall.

“Improved selection in these segments is giving buyers the opportunity to be discerning about their purchase decisions,” she said, “They may be weighing their options between resale and new product, along with what community fits their lifestyle.”

There will always be movement in the market, just as there will always be different reasons for people to move. As Lyall notes, “Although market conditions affect consumers’ real estate decisions, so do their lifestyles. People move for a number of reasons, including proximity to work and schools, along with changes in family dynamics.”

Are you thinking about moving now, or perhaps in the new year? If so, please call us today so we can open up a discussion on all your wants and needs, and review the latest market activity in your area, as well as to discuss the current market trends and how they may or may not work in your favour.



Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Sept 28 – Mon Oct 05

5785 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1408 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.10 months worth of inventory
24.3% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $473,786
Average Sale Price : $461,479
Average days on market : 40
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.5%

Screenshot 2015-10-05 07.02.03