Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Dec 14 – Mon Dec 21

5007 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1047 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.78 months worth of inventory
20.91% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $476,146
Average Sale Price : $459,347
Average days on market : 47
Average list to sale price ratio : 96.47%Absorb 21

2015 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

Well, the 9th annual RMA Christmas Display Contest has come to an end…. and it was incredible! The holiday spirit spread throughout the neighbourhood was awe-worthy and the way the community came together to “light the night” was indescribable. Our judges, Jordie Fike (Chuck Wagon Driver), Zack Hewitt (Radio Personality) & Prasad Panda (MLA Calgary-Foothills) had a tough job on their hands but the winners prevailed at 10:00pm last night, December 16th, 2015.

Our 2015 Judges - Jordie Fike, Prasad Panda & Zack Hewitt

Our 2015 Judges – Jordie Fike, Prasad Panda & Zack Hewitt

We are happy to announce this years top ten:

First Place: 54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard NW – 23.5/30
Second Place: 79 Hidden Valley Park NW – 27/30
Third Place: 133 Hidden Cove NW – 23/30
4th: 50 Hidden Cove NW – 21/30
108 Hidden Vale Close NW – 21/30
5th: 10205 Hidden Valley Drive NW (19.5/30)
6th: 103 Hidden Vale Crescent NW – 19/30
116 Hidden Ranch Hill NW – 19/30
21 Hidden Ridge Bay NW – 19/30
12 Hidden Ridge Place NW – 19/30
112 Hidden Hills Place NW – 19/30
7th: 73 Hidden Creek Park NW – 18/30
9873 Hidden Valley Drive NW – 18/30
8th: 410 Hidden Valley Grove NW – 17.5/30
9th: 169 Hidden Creek Road NW – 17/30
316 Hidden Hills Place NW – 17/30
93 Hidden Springs Circle NW – 17/30
44 Hidden Creek Circle NW – 17/30
10th: 161 Hidden Ranch Hill NW – 16/30
132 Hidden Ranch Hill NW – 16/30
1088 Hidden Valley Drive NW – 16/30
50 Hidden Valley Green NW – 16/30

2015 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner!

2015 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner!


Presenting to the winner!

A huge shout-out to any one who did any sort of Christmas display, whether it be a single row of lights, or a full out display – you helped make our event a success & our neighbourhood couldn’t look better! It is an honour to organize this event & each year we are left speechless – Thank you Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch!

Lastly, we’d like to leave you with a little story that was told to us last night by our winner at 54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard NW:

When presenting the first place bragging rights to our 2015 winner, he told us that the night prior two little girls, about 3 & 5 years old, knocked on his door & handed him a piece of paper. As he didn’t have his glasses on, and they didn’t say much, he took what we thought was a flyer, thanked the girls & closed the door. He then went and got his glasses to read the ‘flyer’ that the girls had given him only to find out it wasn’t a flyer at all… it was a hand made certificate that said something along the lines of “thank you for brightening up our neighbourhood!”. THIS is why we do this. It gets the whole community involved & everyone appreciates the hard work that these individuals do

Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Dec 07 – Mon Dec 14

5324 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1131 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.70 months worth of inventory
21% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $470,961
Average Sale Price : $455,768
Average days on market : 47
Average list to sale price ratio : 97%

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Adopt-a-Family Sponsorship: Our Two Families

Robyn Moser & Associates has officially adopted two families; one located in Red Deer & the other resides here in Calgary. Both families have a family member who has, or is currently, serving in the Canadian Military – which holds a special place in our hearts.  As previously mentioned, we will be using the money normally spent on our Christmas brunch & Christmas Display contest to sponsor these families this holiday season, but if you have the means to help us out, we’ll be accepting donations (monetary & physical) dropped off at the CIR NE Office (144 – 1935 32 Av NE) until 4:30pm on Thursday December 17th, 2015. We apologize for such a quick turn-around but we were delayed in getting the information regarding these families!

Family #1:

Family number one is a single father, who is currently supporting himself, a 4 year old boy & two twin 2 year old girls. Unfortunately , his life circumstances has lead him to be in a position to ask for help. He currently serves for the Red Deer Army reserve, and works for the army full time. All of his children LOVE planes & because he is in Red Deer, Safeway gift cards are best to purchase food for their Christmas dinner celebrations.
– Dad – Shirt Size Large, Pants 32/32, Shoe Size 10
– 4 Year Old Boy: Size 5
– 2.5 Year Old Twin Girls: Size 4

Family #2:

Family number two consists of Mom & Dad, and two 5 month old twin girls. Sadly, one of the twins had a difficult birth, and has resided in the NICU at the Children’s Hospital here in Calgary since birth. She has undergone 11 brain surgeries & is set for another 2. The family has been driving from the deep south to the Children’s Hospital each and every day to care for their child. Because of their circumstances, Mom has been unable to work, while dad works for  the Calgary Navy reserve & has had to raise the other 5 month old sibling to the hospital – not ideal. Due to the lengthy drive, and hours spent at the hospital, they’re experiencing great exhaustion & many nights, end up staying in a hotel nearby rather than driving home. Mainly, the cost of driving to-and-from has put a great deal of financial strain on an already stressful situation.
– Babies fit a size 2 diaper
– Babies don’t require much more than pajamas & diapers
– Have asked mainly for gas station gift cards


Pantry Perfection


Your pantry, your cupboards – whatever you call that part of your kitchen where you keep your food – it’s a fixture of your daily domestic life. Make it work better for you by getting it organized – and keeping it that way.

First, let’s get you motivated by looking at how an organized pantry pays off. You’ll save money by reducing food waste and more easily identifying what you do – and don’t – need to buy. You’ll save time, finding what you’re looking for and making grocery lists quicker. An organized pantry can also help you better understand or change your eating habits and meal planning. You might even find those meals tasting better because you’re working with fresher ingredients.

Start your pantry makeover by taking everything out of it (the perfect opportunity to wipe down your shelves). Of each items, check if it’s still good. If not, toss it. Be wary of dates on packaging though – they’re not necessarily expiration dates, and expiration dates aren’t always gospel. Don’t waste money throwing out perfectly good food. On the other hand, some foodstuffs, like spices & seasoning, don’t ever spoil but do lose their potency, at which time they should be tosses as they won’t do your meals any favours. Next, check if the remaining items will be used. If you haven’t used it in the last year, the answer’s likely no. Donate the unopened items to your local food bank.

What’s left is ready to be restocked in your pantry. But how and where you put everything back is key to realizing those benefits we talked about. Grouping similar items together (ie: Condiments, baking ingredients, canned goods, and grains) help you find what you need faster, and to see how much of an item you have available. Placing your most frequently used foodstuffs in prime pantry real estate (at eye level) saves time. Strategically placing certain items, like snack foods, where they can’t be seen or reached can help you with your eating habits. Ordering items by expiration date (the first to expire should be the last put away) helps reduce waste.

Having purged your pantry, you might find you now have all the room you need. But if it’s still cramped and you’re having trouble accessing or even seeing everything, take advantage of the many kitchen-organizing products available, from under-shelf storage to Lazy Susans to door-mounted racks. Take food out of the original packaging and put it in stackable square or rectangular storage containers to maximize space. If those containers are also clear and air tight, you’ll be able to see at a glance how much product you have left and your food will stay fresher loner, saving money and making your meals taste better.

Keep your new-and-improved pantry organized by going through it on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis – whatever works given its size and your household’s food consumption habits – taking out what you won’t or can not longer use, and regrouping contents. Now you’re cooking!

Holiday Sale

Thinking about pulling your home off the market during the holidays or waiting until they’re over to sell? Hold that thought while you consider these reasons why the holidays can be a great time to sell.

  • Buyers who are out home hunting during this busy time of the year tend to be serious, motivated buyers. January is a popular time to start a new job, for example, so maybe they’re under a deadline to move; there are a number of reasons buyers may need to close on a new home before the end of the year.
  • Because most people do wait until after the holiday season to put their homes on the market, you’ll have less competition from other sellers if you sell during the holidays. What happens when there’s less available inventory for buyers – serious buyers – to choose from? Prices go up, which is good news for those looking to sell.
  • The emotional quotient. Dressed up in the sights and smells of the season – twinkling lights, greenery, and freshly bakes goodies – your home may never look and feel quite so appealing as it does at this special time of year, allowing you to capitalize on buyers’ emotions at a time when they’re already running high.
  • Depending on the local market activity, selling your home now could mean being much better positioned as a buyer come spring. Your offer will be more attractive to sellers as it won’t be conditional on selling your home first, and you can close quicker – crucial advantages for a buyer when the market picks up steam in the spring.

Contact us today to discuss whether putting your property on the market this holiday season is the right move for you and your family!

Christmas Tree At Home

A Question of Etiquette

Viewing prospective properties can be a minefield of unwritten rules. Answered here are buyers’ most frequently asked questions about open house and private showing etiquette.


  • Can I bring my kid(s)? Of course! But should you? Unless you’re serious about a property, consider leaving them behind. You’ll get more out of viewing since you won’t be distracted, and you won’t risk your child(ren) possibly doing damage to the seller’s property or hurting themselves.
  • Can I open closets, cupboards and drawers? Closets? Yes, absolutely! Cupboards and drawers? That depends. Are they permanently affixed to the property (ie: Kitchen cabinetry) Then yes! Are they attached to belongings the seller will take with them? (ie: Dressers & armoires) Then no. Rummaging through their contents? Never!
  • What if I have to use the bathroom? If you can hold it, do. But if you just can’t wait, ask permission first – the seller may have designated a specific bathroom they’d prefer guests to use. And if you do go, make it quick and leave everything exactly as found.
  • Is it OK to take pictures and/or record video? Unit it’s sold, that property that you’re wandering around is still someones private residence. So, the rule here is the same as for the bathroom: ask permission first. Understandably, some sellers have security concerns and may prefer you didn’t take images.
  • Do I have to take my shoes off? If asked to do so, whether by a sign, a seller, or a salesperson, it’s just good manners to comply. Always be prepared for this request by wearing good socks or stockings under shoes you can easily slip off and on.

Weekly Real Estate Update: Mon Nov 30 – Mon Dec 7

5411 homes for sale in metro Calgary
1177 homes sold in the last 30 days
4.59 months worth of inventory
22% of the homes statistically to sell in the next 30 days
Market Conditions: Buyers
Average List Price : $472,488
Average Sale Price : $457,792
Average days on market : 46
Average list to sale price ratio : 97.09%