2016 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

…And our 10th Anniversary Christmas Display Contest has WRAPPED and it was nothing less than incredible. We have never seen so many participants spreading the holiday cheer throughout the neighbourhood – the efforts made by the community left us speechless. Our judges had an incredibly tough time choosing a winner, but in the end, one GRAND PRIZE WINNER prevailed!

We are happy to announce this year top ten winners:


2016 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – 1st Place WINNER – 79 Hidden Valley Park NW


First Place: 79 Hidden Valley Park NW (37/40)
Second Place: 31 Hidden Valley Park NW/54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard NW (35/40)
Third Place: 51 Hidden Springs Green NW/147 Hidden Ranch Place NW (32.5/40)
4th: 133 Hidden Cove NW/21 Hidden Circle NW (32/40)
5th: 112 Hidden Hills Place NW (30/40)
6th: 10205 Hidden Valley Drive NW/3 Hidden Valley Manor NW (28/40)
7th: 116 Hidden Ranch Hill NW (27/40)
8th: 9489 Hidden Valley Drive NW (25/40)
9th: 161 Hidden Ranch Hill NW (24/40)
10th: 107 Hidden Value Place NW (23/40)


2016 Robyn Moser & Associates Christ Display Contest – (tied) 2nd Place Winner


Lastly, we’d like to thank our FOUR incredible judges; Angie Shilliday (2014 Mrs. Canada), Debra Ross (Local Business Owner), Leah Murray (Local Business Owner) & Jay Hill (Former MP & Local Business Owner) – they had the work cut out for them, but they did a great job & were a joy to have along for the ride!


Our Judges: Angie Shilliday, Debra Ross, SANTA, Leah Murray & Jay Hill


Whether you hung a string of lights or a whole house full of lights… THANK YOU! You brightened the neighbourhood & embodied the EXACT reason why we continue to host this contest every year. THANK YOU HIDDEN VALLEY for throwing yourselves into the Christmas spirit this year – ’tis the season!

12 thoughts on “2016 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

  1. Thank you so very much for hosting this event every year. It is truly such a wonderful event to see all the great displays each year and having fun lighting up the neighborhood.
    Robyn Moser and team, you are so wonderful!!

  2. Honestly I think their should be a new winner every year and the 1st winner won in 2014 really other people should get a chance to win

    • The rules state that the same winner cannot win two years in a row, as we are trying to minimize the chance of consistent winners without completely writing off their efforts – We get third party judges that are not influenced in any way & didn’t even know which house won in previous years, so it is completely unbiased. We definitely appreciate you taking the time out to give us your thoughts though, and we’ll absolutely bring up your concerns and discuss the possibility of changing the rules in upcoming years. Thank you!

    • I’m glad they won. The award should be given to the most brilliantly displayed home, regardless of year previously entered or won. If they won the previous year and still have the best display this year, they should win again. I even say remove that rule and have them eligible every year. Makes for great competition and makes everyone step up: next year, as 79 Hidden Valley Park won’t be eligible, it’s sad to know the competition won’t be as fierce, potentially. So everyone’s loss…

      • You make some great points! Hidden Valley Park was incredibly decorated & tons of effort went into the display. I’ll bring up your comments when we discuss our event & what we can do to make the competition even better! We appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion!

  3. Congratulations 79 Hidden Valley Park!
    Your home looks incredible every year and you deservingly won this contest fair and square – anyone who thinks otherwise should step up their game 🙂
    Thank you for bringing so much joy to our wonderful neighbourhood!

  4. Congratulations to all the winners – This event truly does brighten up the neighborhood! The grand prize winner definitely put in quite the effort with all the lights displayed on not only the front of the house, but the entire back as well! Regardless of who has won in the past years, I say it’s about the creativity and amount of lights displayed which makes it more unique! Well done everyone 🙂

  5. Thank you for doing this, team moser! What are the categories and how many days before the competition does the display have to be up?

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