The Basket Building

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Secondly, if you DO “like” that page you would have noticed a funny building posted that looks like a basket! Ironically, the building is called “The Basket Building” (Original, huh?) and because all of you liked it so much, we thought we would provide you with some background on that building! Here we go!

The Basket Building was built in 1997 after being only a dream for years and years of Dave Longaberger, the founder of The Longaberger company (Original, huh?), which manufactures hand crafted maple wood baskets and other home and lifestyle products. Found at 130 West Main Street in Newark, New Jersey, this building is built of stucco over a steel structure and serves as the corporate headquarters of the company. Now, we think the exterior is a marvel in itself, but we’re told that the inside is even better. Inside showcases a grand staircase, marble floors, a piano player and a roof full of windows so you can see the handles of that basket that stretch over the seven story building!

Could you imagine going to work everyday with an office that looks like this!? Or how about telling your kids that you work in the big basket! COOL!The Basket Building