2016 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

…And our 10th Anniversary Christmas Display Contest has WRAPPED and it was nothing less than incredible. We have never seen so many participants spreading the holiday cheer throughout the neighbourhood – the efforts made by the community left us speechless. Our judges had an incredibly tough time choosing a winner, but in the end, one GRAND PRIZE WINNER prevailed!

We are happy to announce this year top ten winners:


2016 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – 1st Place WINNER – 79 Hidden Valley Park NW


First Place: 79 Hidden Valley Park NW (37/40)
Second Place: 31 Hidden Valley Park NW/54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard NW (35/40)
Third Place: 51 Hidden Springs Green NW/147 Hidden Ranch Place NW (32.5/40)
4th: 133 Hidden Cove NW/21 Hidden Circle NW (32/40)
5th: 112 Hidden Hills Place NW (30/40)
6th: 10205 Hidden Valley Drive NW/3 Hidden Valley Manor NW (28/40)
7th: 116 Hidden Ranch Hill NW (27/40)
8th: 9489 Hidden Valley Drive NW (25/40)
9th: 161 Hidden Ranch Hill NW (24/40)
10th: 107 Hidden Value Place NW (23/40)


2016 Robyn Moser & Associates Christ Display Contest – (tied) 2nd Place Winner


Lastly, we’d like to thank our FOUR incredible judges; Angie Shilliday (2014 Mrs. Canada), Debra Ross (Local Business Owner), Leah Murray (Local Business Owner) & Jay Hill (Former MP & Local Business Owner) – they had the work cut out for them, but they did a great job & were a joy to have along for the ride!


Our Judges: Angie Shilliday, Debra Ross, SANTA, Leah Murray & Jay Hill


Whether you hung a string of lights or a whole house full of lights… THANK YOU! You brightened the neighbourhood & embodied the EXACT reason why we continue to host this contest every year. THANK YOU HIDDEN VALLEY for throwing yourselves into the Christmas spirit this year – ’tis the season!

Turn on the Charm

Is there a room in your home that feels a bit cold and uninviting? A room lacking a certain something that gives a space warmth and personality? Want to avoid creating such a room? Then keep reading! Below are some sure-fire ways to imbue a room with that cozy, lived-in feeling that truly says home.


More Mixing, Less Matching

Avoid matching furniture sets. A room with pieces too similar to one another can feel sterile and impersonal, like a catalogue spread or showroom. So mix things up a little! Already have a matching set? Try breaking it up into different rooms. In the market for new furniture? Focus more on buying pieces you like, rather than making sure they match. Eclectic is in! It’s how you combine pieces of seemingly disparate styles that give your room personality that is uniquely you.

Just-Right Light

A room that;s too dark or too bright is hardly one that feels cozy and welcoming. Your light bulbs can make a difference: those rated 3,500K or higher cast a cool, bluish light; for a warmer, softer glow, opt for 2,700K-3,000K. Take the edge off harsh overhead lighting by installing dimmer switches. Be sure to balance your light sources by having floor or table lamps in opposing sides of the room, rather than just a single overhead light fixture.

Colour Your World

If painting walls in neutral hues is, as home sellers are advised, a way to de-personalized interiors before entering the market, then it stands to reason that vibrant, bold colours are an effective way to add personality to a room. Want that large or open-concept space to feel more intimate and cozy? Paint it a dark colour, which has the effect of bringing the walls in. Warm, energetic colours – red, yellow & oranges – will make a room feel just that.

Get in Touch

If your décor falls flat, the problem may be texture – or rather lack of it. A design element that’s every bit as important as colour, texture gives spaces a sense of dimension. There’s no shortage of ways to make a room more inviting to the touch, for example: seating upholstered in brushed corduroy; weathered wood tables,; plush wood area rugs, velvet drapes, suede accent pillows, chenille throws,and even textured wallpaper. Just don’t overdo it! Too many textured touches in a room can be overwhelming on the eyes.

It’s the Little Things

There’s a reason plants are considered an ideal house-warming gift – they add life to a room, as do the photos you frame, the artwork you hang and that collection of books (or records, or tea pots) you display. Nothing expresses your unique style and personality quite like all those little accessories that are the last things put in a room, thus completing it. Finishing touches like these tend to be the things in our home that guests find most inviting.


5 Favourite Picture Hanging Tricks

Hanging a picture is about as DIY as many homeowners get. But although it may seem easy, hanging a picture properly is much more than a haphazard task. Here are five favorite tips for taking a one-hole approach to hanging a picture on the wall.


1. Don’t eyeball it! If you’re hanging multiple pieces of artwork, you need to figure out how they’ll work together before you start making holes. My recommendation is to make a template. Use newsprint or butcher paper to create true-scale templates of your frames, then use painter’s tape to figure out the best arrangement. Young House Love has a great walkthrough of the technique.

2. Don’t use nails—well, not JUST nails. I know every one of you has hung a picture using a simple brad nail. I’ll even admit there are several in my own home hung this way. But they are the pictures most likely to fall off the wall or require regular straightening. A single nail hammered into drywall is not stable enough to support much weight, so invest in the right hardware. My go-to options are self-tapping threaded anchors and screws, which provide a wider balance point without using wire. I’ve  also used steel, hooked wire hangers to great success.

3. Use math—really! If you purposefully stagger art so nobody can tell that your frames are not straight, fear not. A little math will enable to hang series of perfectly spaced art works. I shared my favorite technique on the ReadyMade blog. You can just plug your dimensions into the calculator and be good to go (no fancy equations required).


4.  The best-ever picture hanging tip. Kristen from Celebrate Everyday with Me dubs this trick “the best ever”, and I think she might be right. I’ve seen all kinds of methods for marking a hole on the wall before drilling, but this one tip renders the rest unnecessary. The idea is to create a portable hanger on which to suspend your picture, so that measuring and marking drill holes becomes significantly easier. So brilliant, you should make two!

5. Use a sticky note to capture dust. Since hanging artwork is usually a task done in a finished room, it can create drywall, plaster, or concrete dust on your carpet, floors, or furniture. So just use this little tip: Add a simple, folded Post-It underneath your marked hole to collect most of the dust made from your pilot hole. Genius, right?


By: Chris Gardner – http://www.bobvila.com/articles/picture-hanging-tips/#.VCwa0PldV8E


Halloween Invite Haunted House2Come join us at 132 Hidden Ranch Hill NW on Halloween night between 5:30-10:00pm and get your pants scared right off of ‘ya! Donations are strongly encouraged, as all proceeds will be going towards the Alberta Children’s Hospital! Bring your entire family and lets, together, give them a Halloween they’ll never forget!

Safe Summer Fun

Whether you’re outside spending quality time with the kids, or entertaining some friends, make summer fun at your house safer for your family and guests with these tips. Although they sound self explanatory, it is always great to get a quick reminder!


  • The Grill: Keep it at least three feet from anything flammable; ensure propane-tank fitting aren’t loose, rusty, or cracked, and that there’s no leak in the hose; shut the gas valve off after every use.
  • The Pool: Prevent accidental drownings by enclosing the pool with non-climbable fencing, secured by a sturdy lock; using a pool cover; and/or installing a pool alarm that detects splashes.
  • Tools: Don’t leave potentially dangerous equipment – hammers, nails, saws, rakes – laying around, and make sure tools with blades – pruning shears, lawnmowers, weed trimmers – aren’t accessible to children. Turn power tools off and unplug all electrical equipment after use.
  • Chemicals: They can help beautify your landscaping and clean the pool, but they’re poisonous if ingested, so ensure children and pets can’t access weed killers, plant and lawn fertilizers and pool chemicals, for example.
  • Decking: Check that connections are secure, especially where your decking attached to your house. Look for sagging; loose, warped, splintering, or rotting boards; railings that wiggle; sinking footings; and protruding nails.
  • Playground Equipment: Ensure that hardware isn’t loose or rusty; ropes aren’t frayed; wood isn’t rotting or splintering; legs are securely anchored; and platforms and hand guardrails are sound.

Of course it’s important to remember that none of these tips are a substitute for supervision, so get outside and enjoy the good weather, keeping these tips in mind!

How To Show Your Home in Winter

‘Tis the season they say – the season for snow. Last year, more than 75 per cent of respondents to a Royal LePage survey said inclement weather had at least some impact on housing market activity. And given the fact Calgarians will be seeing plenty of it before spring makes a welcome appearance, now might be a good time to review some helpful tips on how to make the best of the winter season when it comes to putting your home on the market.

To increase your home’s wintertime curb appeal, be sure to keep all paths clear of snow. In addition to keeping yourself in good standing with the City bylaws department, shoveling your walks every time the snow falls will ensure any would-be buyers make it safely to your front step. To help rid your walk of any ice that may accumulate, keep a little salt or ice melter near your front door (out of view of course) and sprinkle a little when necessary. And to keep your floor free of slush and grime, make sure to have a good mat near the front door.

At a time when the sun seems to set mere moments after rising, ensuring your home is warm and well lit is more important than ever. Although it may result in some short-term pain
come utility bill time, providing a bright and welcoming environment puts your home in the best possible light – pun intended – and could be the difference that induces someone to make an offer. So open those blinds (dust them too), flick on those lights (energy-efficient bulbs?), kick on the fireplace (just briefly anyways) and turn up the heat (just a notch).

While there are those that will tell you a little Enya and the smell of cinnamon are sure ways to make visitors feel welcome, there are plenty of potential buyers out there who don’t care for either. When it comes to such things, the less is more approach is usually a safe bet. Many people are allergic to certain scents and deodorizers; so don’t spray the air or plug-in air fresheners. For music, classical is always a good bet, so long as it’s kept to a level that doesn’t suggest you’re expecting a conductor anytime soon.

It might go without saying tidying up your house is perhaps the biggest thing you can do to improve your chances of selling, but there are a few wintertime additions to your list of chores that should receive special attention, particularly in the backyard. Try to keep more summer-friendly items in storage. Those new patio chairs may look great in August, but in January they can be a tad depressing. Same goes for garden hose – a useful tool in summer, it becomes a unnecessary eyesore come the depths of winter. Also be sure to keep any plants killed off by winter’s chill trimmed to a minimum or disposed of altogether.

– See more at: http://www.crebnow.com/how-to-show-your-home-in-winter/#sthash.48xp614V.dpuf

Happier Home Decor

Happier Home Decor

Have a happy New Year! No, really – make 2014, and the years to follow, more happy and less stressful for you (and other members of your household) by resolving to make some changes for the better where your home’s interior is concerned.

    • Get a better night’s sleep. Do you have a TV or computer in your bedroom? If so, it needs to go – screens and sleep don’t mix. What about exercise equipment? The bedroom is no place for that either. The only things that should be in your bedroom are those that contribute to an atmosphere of serenity. Outfit your bedroom windows with light-blocking drapes; ditch the synthetic sheets (which are chemically treated) in favor of a set that’s made with natural fibers; and introduce a good air purifier into your bedroom.
    • Lighten up. Blackout curtains are great for sleeping, but darkness during the day often makes us feel lethargic and depressed. Natural light is the cure for a gloomy mood, so open your window treatments during the day to let in the light and the sun. The yellow dullness of regular incandescent and fluorescents light bulbs makes for a dreary interior and can contribute to low-grade stress; adding even one full-spectrum light bulb to a room can really brighten it up. Used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, full-spectrum bulbs mimic natural light.
    • Clear away the clutter. In addition to posing some practical problems, such as making it more difficult to quickly find what you’re looking for and (in extreme cases) to navigate through your home, clutter has been associated with a host of negative psychological effects. Stress is the most obvious, but living in a cluttered environment can also engender feelings of lethargy, shame, hopelessness, and loss of control over one’s life (effects that can be felt by anyone in the home). As well, it can have a negative impact on one’s social life.
    • Create an in-home retreat. How about a spa-inspired bathroom in which you can rejuvenate? Think raindrop showerheads; accessories that can turn your regular bathtub into a whirlpool; towel warmers; heated flooring; super-soft, high-quality towels; plants; aromatherapy candles; and music. Or perhaps you’d like a sumptuous bedroom sanctuary where you can relax? Comfort is king (-size): upgrade your bed and pillows (most people are sleeping on ones that are well past their prime); introduce bedroom furniture for lounging; and incorporate luxurious, textured fabrics and mood lighting.
  • Harness the power of paint. Neutral walls are ideal for when you’ve decided to sell your home, but while you’re still living in it, why not use color to help shape your mood? Active hues – reds, oranges, and yellows – are energizing and cheering, making them ideal for social spaces such as kitchens and living and dining rooms, as well as for exercise rooms and home offices. Passive hues – blues, greens, and purples – have a calming, relaxing effect (particularly when soft shades are used), making them perfectly suited for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Live Life Generously —


Some people are aware of our Christmas tradition of giving away cards filled with large amounts of money with nothing more than the words of “Live life generously”. The rules are simple;

  1. Give it to someone you don’t know
  2. You must give it and walk away and not wait for them to open it
  3. Give no way for the person to know who you were
  4. Give it to someone who was genuinely kind to you.

Here are our 2013 stories:

On Christmas Eve day, Lindsay went to a local Mac`s to get ice (holiday drinks and all…) – and while she was hunting down the ice, she noticed that many people were buying last minute gift cards at the front check-out. Although overly stressed, which isn’t an excuse, these individuals were not acting at all pleasant, and she didn’t hear one of them say thank-you or “Happy Holidays”. It turns out, this Macs convenience store didn’t have ice, but after hanging out for a bit, and seeing how the cashier was being treated, she stood in line, and when it was her time she handed the cashier the card and said “I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas”, and walked out of the store, without purchasing anything!

During a matinee at Cross Iron Mills mall Robyn was walking out and noticed that there was an employee holding the garbage waiting to clean the theatre after the movie was finished. Everyone was walking out,  not even acknowledging his existence. One man even missed the garbage and just kept walking. The young man bent down quietly and placed the garbage where it properly belonged. Being close to the back of the line Robyn noticed how many people walked past him not appreciating the job he was doing, for close to minimum wage. Robyn felt he was a good recipient because he is one of those invisible workers that we can so easily take for granted. Thank you to the young man who cleaned up the movie theatre after us.

Jemmie was at the dollar store by Westbrook Mall picking up some last minute gift wrap when she noticed a young lady trying to change out soiled mats. While trying to change them, numerous customers continued to step on them as she continued to politely say “excuse me”. Jemmie chose her because she handled herself so well as so many people rushed about their day, not noticing that she was working on Christmas Eve doing a job they so much take for granted, like clean mats to wipe their shoes on. She realized that this kind of event was not isolated to Christmas Eve but this most likely happens to her many days out of the year. Thank you for allowing us to have clean mats!

On December 26th Crystal stopped by Chinook mall to check out all the Boxing Day fuss. She popped by later in the day because she didn’t want to be trampled by unruly shoppers pushing their way to get that store bought present they didn’t receive on Christmas day.  With the mall closing in less than an hour but still packed with shoppers,  it was definitely a long day for all the store staff who were exhausted from the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day. As Crystal was walking by, she noticed a cheerful cleaning lady in the food court.  She was cleaning garbage off of almost every table in the place;  without her, the food court would have been a disaster! She looked so pleasant as she smiled and said “Merry Christmas” to all the people passing by.  Her happiness made Crystal happy.  It brought her to remember what Christmas was all about when she was a kid. Those days around Christmas that where spent with family doing nothing more than enjoying each other’s company.  Crystal walked up to her as she was busy working away, wished her a Merry Christmas and handed her the card.  She then left the mall with nothing but a huge smile on our face.

2013 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

The neighbourhoods of Hidden Valley & Hanson Ranch sure did impress us last night. The pure amount of lights was astonishing, and the displays, cannot be described with any word in the English language – they were THAT impressive.

Outside – 11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW – Video of the outside of the winners house!

Thank you SO much to our THREE judges: Sean Chu (Councillor of Ward 4), Erin Wilde (Mid-Day Host @ Kool 101.5) & Jordan Gooden (Celebrity Photojournalist) – for providing us with some entertainment, along with great judging standards. We had a blast!

We had FIFTEEN houses that got a score of 15/30 or higher! Better than any other year! Here is a list of the top 15 houses in Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch for 2013:

2013 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner - 1st Place Winner

2013 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner – 1st Place Winner

  1. 11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW 30/30 (The winner was chosen by the judges when we realized we had a tie! Stiff competition!)
  2. 2938 Hidden Ranch Way NW 30/30 
  3. 79 Hidden Valley Park NW 29/30
  4. 54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard 28.5/30
  5. 16 Hidden Vale Crescent NW 27/30
  6. 207 Hidden Vale Place NW/133 Hidden Cove NW/50 Hidden Springs Green 24/30
  7. 67 Hidden Park NW 21.5/30
  8. 111 Hidden Vale Close/83 Hidden Hills Road 21/30
  9. 21 Hidden Circle NW 20.5/30
  10. 103 Hidden Vale Crescent NW/87 Hidden Hills Road 20/30
  11. 10205 Hidden Valley Drive NW 19.5/30
  12. 256 Hidden Circle NW/316 Hidden Hills Place NW 18/30
  13. 50 Hidden Springs Green NW/116 Hidden Ranch Road NW/428 Hidden Valley Grove NW 17.5/30
  14. 6 Hidden Ridge Place NW 17/30
  15. 108 Hidden Ranch Close NW 15/30

We have TWO honourable mentions this year – The ridge of Hidden Cove & Hidden Circle – for decorating their back fences that look over the school yard! Also, Hidden Ridge Close & Hidden Ridge Place for bring such holiday spirit to their community!

11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW – Video of the cheque presentation to the winner!

We were on CTV: Check it out here –  http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=264329

Robyn Moser on CTV News Calgary

Robyn Moser on CTV News Calgary


Robyn In The News AGAIN

Repeat home sale price growth best in Calgary

Increase of 6.7 per cent from last year

Robyn Moser infront of 710 Rideau Road SW

Robyn Moser infront of 710 Rideau Road SW

CALGARY – Calgary had the best year-over-year price growth for repeat home sales in October, according to the Teranet-National Bank National Composite House Price Index.

The index, which was released Wednesday, said Calgary prices were up 6.7 per cent from a year ago while the national composite of 11 centres showed an annual increase of 3.1 per cent.

The index is estimated by tracking observed or registered home prices over time using data collected from public land registries. All dwellings that have been sold at least twice are considered in the calculation of the index.

On a monthly basis, prices rose by 0.9 per cent in Calgary and by 0.1 per cent nationally.

Four markets exceeded the national average for year-over-year price growth – Calgary, Hamilton (4.6 per cent), Toronto (4.1 per cent) and Quebec City (3.8 per cent). The annual increase lagged in Vancouver (2.7 per cent), Edmonton (2.2 per cent), Winnipeg (2.0 per cent), Montreal and Ottawa-Gatineau (0.9 per cent). Prices were down for an eighth straight month in Victoria (0.5 per cent) and for a third month in a row in Halifax (0.7 per cent).

On a monthly basis, the index increased in three of the regions covered – Vancouver (1.1 per cent), Halifax (1.0 per cent) and Calgary. Prices declined in Montreal and Winnipeg (0.1 per cent), Toronto (0.2 per cent), Edmonton (0.3 per cent), Quebec City (0.4 per cent), Ottawa-Gatineau (0.5 per cent), Victoria (0.6 per cent) and Hamilton (0.8 per cent).

Calgary’s residential real estate market is showing no signs of slowing down in November. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, month-to-date until Tuesday, total MLS sales of 692 in the city are up 31.56 per cent compared with the same period last year and the average sale price has jumped by 8.62 per cent to $464,596.

“Annual home price inflation (in Canada) may have accelerated to 3.1 per cent in October but we doubt that there is significant upside going forward. Even if 12-month inflation will continue to benefit from a favourable base effect through February 2014 – recall that home prices declined in six consecutive months after the introduction of more stringent homeownership rules in July 2012 – the fact still remains that the 0.1 per cent monthly increase recorded in October was weaker than normal,” said Marc Pinsonneault, economist with the National Bank.

“What’s more, prices failed to grow on a monthly basis in at least eight regions. This is a development usually associated with price weakness. Resale activity has picked up in recent months, but it seems that households are bargaining harder on prices to compensate for higher mortgage rates.”

Amna Asaf, economist with Capital Economics, said the national pick-up in house price growth had a lot to do with the latest surge in existing home sales, which has been driven by fears of higher mortgage rates.

“With the five-year conventional mortgage rate essentially unchanged at 5.34 per cent since August, that kind of boost to sales cannot be expected to last too long. Apart from higher sales, lower supply of homes listed for sale has dampened the months’ supply of inventory, which suggests that house price growth is likely to accelerate in the next few months.”