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Live Life Generously —


Some people are aware of our Christmas tradition of giving away cards filled with large amounts of money with nothing more than the words of “Live life generously”. The rules are simple;

  1. Give it to someone you don’t know
  2. You must give it and walk away and not wait for them to open it
  3. Give no way for the person to know who you were
  4. Give it to someone who was genuinely kind to you.

Here are our 2013 stories:

On Christmas Eve day, Lindsay went to a local Mac`s to get ice (holiday drinks and all…) – and while she was hunting down the ice, she noticed that many people were buying last minute gift cards at the front check-out. Although overly stressed, which isn’t an excuse, these individuals were not acting at all pleasant, and she didn’t hear one of them say thank-you or “Happy Holidays”. It turns out, this Macs convenience store didn’t have ice, but after hanging out for a bit, and seeing how the cashier was being treated, she stood in line, and when it was her time she handed the cashier the card and said “I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas”, and walked out of the store, without purchasing anything!

During a matinee at Cross Iron Mills mall Robyn was walking out and noticed that there was an employee holding the garbage waiting to clean the theatre after the movie was finished. Everyone was walking out,  not even acknowledging his existence. One man even missed the garbage and just kept walking. The young man bent down quietly and placed the garbage where it properly belonged. Being close to the back of the line Robyn noticed how many people walked past him not appreciating the job he was doing, for close to minimum wage. Robyn felt he was a good recipient because he is one of those invisible workers that we can so easily take for granted. Thank you to the young man who cleaned up the movie theatre after us.

Jemmie was at the dollar store by Westbrook Mall picking up some last minute gift wrap when she noticed a young lady trying to change out soiled mats. While trying to change them, numerous customers continued to step on them as she continued to politely say “excuse me”. Jemmie chose her because she handled herself so well as so many people rushed about their day, not noticing that she was working on Christmas Eve doing a job they so much take for granted, like clean mats to wipe their shoes on. She realized that this kind of event was not isolated to Christmas Eve but this most likely happens to her many days out of the year. Thank you for allowing us to have clean mats!

On December 26th Crystal stopped by Chinook mall to check out all the Boxing Day fuss. She popped by later in the day because she didn’t want to be trampled by unruly shoppers pushing their way to get that store bought present they didn’t receive on Christmas day.  With the mall closing in less than an hour but still packed with shoppers,  it was definitely a long day for all the store staff who were exhausted from the hustle and bustle of Boxing Day. As Crystal was walking by, she noticed a cheerful cleaning lady in the food court.  She was cleaning garbage off of almost every table in the place;  without her, the food court would have been a disaster! She looked so pleasant as she smiled and said “Merry Christmas” to all the people passing by.  Her happiness made Crystal happy.  It brought her to remember what Christmas was all about when she was a kid. Those days around Christmas that where spent with family doing nothing more than enjoying each other’s company.  Crystal walked up to her as she was busy working away, wished her a Merry Christmas and handed her the card.  She then left the mall with nothing but a huge smile on our face.

2013 – Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest – WINNERS

The neighbourhoods of Hidden Valley & Hanson Ranch sure did impress us last night. The pure amount of lights was astonishing, and the displays, cannot be described with any word in the English language – they were THAT impressive.

Outside – 11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW – Video of the outside of the winners house!

Thank you SO much to our THREE judges: Sean Chu (Councillor of Ward 4), Erin Wilde (Mid-Day Host @ Kool 101.5) & Jordan Gooden (Celebrity Photojournalist) – for providing us with some entertainment, along with great judging standards. We had a blast!

We had FIFTEEN houses that got a score of 15/30 or higher! Better than any other year! Here is a list of the top 15 houses in Hidden Valley/Hanson Ranch for 2013:

2013 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner - 1st Place Winner

2013 Robyn Moser & Associates Christmas Display Contest Winner – 1st Place Winner

  1. 11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW 30/30 (The winner was chosen by the judges when we realized we had a tie! Stiff competition!)
  2. 2938 Hidden Ranch Way NW 30/30 
  3. 79 Hidden Valley Park NW 29/30
  4. 54 Hidden Ranch Boulevard 28.5/30
  5. 16 Hidden Vale Crescent NW 27/30
  6. 207 Hidden Vale Place NW/133 Hidden Cove NW/50 Hidden Springs Green 24/30
  7. 67 Hidden Park NW 21.5/30
  8. 111 Hidden Vale Close/83 Hidden Hills Road 21/30
  9. 21 Hidden Circle NW 20.5/30
  10. 103 Hidden Vale Crescent NW/87 Hidden Hills Road 20/30
  11. 10205 Hidden Valley Drive NW 19.5/30
  12. 256 Hidden Circle NW/316 Hidden Hills Place NW 18/30
  13. 50 Hidden Springs Green NW/116 Hidden Ranch Road NW/428 Hidden Valley Grove NW 17.5/30
  14. 6 Hidden Ridge Place NW 17/30
  15. 108 Hidden Ranch Close NW 15/30

We have TWO honourable mentions this year – The ridge of Hidden Cove & Hidden Circle – for decorating their back fences that look over the school yard! Also, Hidden Ridge Close & Hidden Ridge Place for bring such holiday spirit to their community!

11130 Hidden Valley Drive NW – Video of the cheque presentation to the winner!

We were on CTV: Check it out here –  http://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=264329

Robyn Moser on CTV News Calgary

Robyn Moser on CTV News Calgary


Robyn In The News AGAIN

Repeat home sale price growth best in Calgary

Increase of 6.7 per cent from last year

Robyn Moser infront of 710 Rideau Road SW

Robyn Moser infront of 710 Rideau Road SW

CALGARY – Calgary had the best year-over-year price growth for repeat home sales in October, according to the Teranet-National Bank National Composite House Price Index.

The index, which was released Wednesday, said Calgary prices were up 6.7 per cent from a year ago while the national composite of 11 centres showed an annual increase of 3.1 per cent.

The index is estimated by tracking observed or registered home prices over time using data collected from public land registries. All dwellings that have been sold at least twice are considered in the calculation of the index.

On a monthly basis, prices rose by 0.9 per cent in Calgary and by 0.1 per cent nationally.

Four markets exceeded the national average for year-over-year price growth – Calgary, Hamilton (4.6 per cent), Toronto (4.1 per cent) and Quebec City (3.8 per cent). The annual increase lagged in Vancouver (2.7 per cent), Edmonton (2.2 per cent), Winnipeg (2.0 per cent), Montreal and Ottawa-Gatineau (0.9 per cent). Prices were down for an eighth straight month in Victoria (0.5 per cent) and for a third month in a row in Halifax (0.7 per cent).

On a monthly basis, the index increased in three of the regions covered – Vancouver (1.1 per cent), Halifax (1.0 per cent) and Calgary. Prices declined in Montreal and Winnipeg (0.1 per cent), Toronto (0.2 per cent), Edmonton (0.3 per cent), Quebec City (0.4 per cent), Ottawa-Gatineau (0.5 per cent), Victoria (0.6 per cent) and Hamilton (0.8 per cent).

Calgary’s residential real estate market is showing no signs of slowing down in November. According to the Calgary Real Estate Board, month-to-date until Tuesday, total MLS sales of 692 in the city are up 31.56 per cent compared with the same period last year and the average sale price has jumped by 8.62 per cent to $464,596.

“Annual home price inflation (in Canada) may have accelerated to 3.1 per cent in October but we doubt that there is significant upside going forward. Even if 12-month inflation will continue to benefit from a favourable base effect through February 2014 – recall that home prices declined in six consecutive months after the introduction of more stringent homeownership rules in July 2012 – the fact still remains that the 0.1 per cent monthly increase recorded in October was weaker than normal,” said Marc Pinsonneault, economist with the National Bank.

“What’s more, prices failed to grow on a monthly basis in at least eight regions. This is a development usually associated with price weakness. Resale activity has picked up in recent months, but it seems that households are bargaining harder on prices to compensate for higher mortgage rates.”

Amna Asaf, economist with Capital Economics, said the national pick-up in house price growth had a lot to do with the latest surge in existing home sales, which has been driven by fears of higher mortgage rates.

“With the five-year conventional mortgage rate essentially unchanged at 5.34 per cent since August, that kind of boost to sales cannot be expected to last too long. Apart from higher sales, lower supply of homes listed for sale has dampened the months’ supply of inventory, which suggests that house price growth is likely to accelerate in the next few months.”


Robyn Moser in the News!

Robyn Moser in 710 Rideau Road SW - Calgary Herald

Robyn Moser in 710 Rideau Road SW – Calgary Herald

Calgary housing market soaring with sales and price hikes (with graphic)

Strong sellers’ conditions as listings down



Calgary’s resale housing market continued to soar in October with strong year-over-year hikes in both sales and prices.

According to preliminary data from the Calgary Real Estate Board, MLS sales of 1,953 for the month were up 17.72 per cent from a year ago as the average sale price rose five per cent to $458,876 while the median price saw an increase of 5.96 per cent to $409,000.

“The October Calgary real estate market kept a consistent absorption rate between two to 2.2 months worth of inventory. This places us in a strong sellers’ market,” said Robyn Moser, a realtor with CIR Realty in the city.

“Attributes of a sellers’ market are, competing offers, listed home selling in the first two weeks or sooner, sellers being able to dictate the terms of the negotiations and not having to settle for much less than realistic asking prices. All consistent with our October experiences.”

Although new listings for the month were up 9.08 per cent to 2,522, active listings at the end of the month were down 16.18 per cent to 3,840.

The average days on the market to sell a property dropped from 45 a year ago to 40 in October.

Moser said housing activity in Calgary may be fuelled by a number of factors: seasonal fall peak activities with people wanting to purchase and move into homes before winter sets in; investor speculators coming into the market due to the flood impact in June; corporations reorganizing and centralizing back to Calgary and Edmonton; and rental rates increasing.

“Buyers had to react to this market by acting quickly when homes came available for sale, being prepared to pay asking price or above and ensuring they were prequalified and prepared for condition days of seven days or less in order to get their offers accepted,” said Moser.

Sales and prices were up across all housing categories in the city during the month.

In the single-family home market, there were 1,336 MLS sales, up 14.29 per cent from last year with the average sale price increasing by 4.76 per cent to $516,244 and the median price rising by 5.12 per cent to $452,000.

The condo apartment category saw sales rise by 24.35 per cent to 337. The average sale price was up 6.76 per cent to $309,414 and the median price rose by 8.80 per cent to $272,000.

In the condo townhouse market, sales of 280 were up 27.85 per cent with the average price rising by 13.49 per cent to $365,036 and the median price up by 8.29 per cent to $319,450.

The towns surrounding Calgary saw sales jump by 23.64 per cent to 387 with the average price increasing by 13.51 per cent to $390,580 and the median price up 8.11 per cent to $360,000.


© Copyright (c) The Calgary Herald

Get to know: Robyn Moser


Robyn Moser

What do you feel is your best quality? “I am a very good friend!”

What do you feel is your most recognizable personality trait? “Probably my drive and ambition.”

What is your favourite colour? “Brown.” (Which is quite obvious, because on any given day she is usually wearing it!)

What is your favourite holiday? “Both Halloween & Christmas.”

What is your favourite part of Real Estate? “The excitement people have when they find, buy, and/or take possession of their home! It’s great to see. I love being a REALTOR® because of the people, the kids and all the relationships you develop.”

Why did you come a REALTOR®? “Because I simply thought I would be good at selling homes! And I am still at it today!”

What is the funniest moment you’ve had thus far in Real Estate? “I almost sold a home, that I showed by accident that wasn’t even for sale! Oops!”

What do you feel is the best part of the Robyn Moser & Associates team? “I like that we all work together to achieve one goal. Both ego’s and agenda’s are put to the side so that we can all achieve success on many different levels.”

What is your favourite neighbourhood in Calgary? Why? “Hidden Valley – I feel the community really pulls together and cares. I also like Bridgeland for it’s history and character.”

What is your favourite part of Calgary, as a whole? “The Palliser Hotel – Growing up, it helped me stay focused on the life that I wanted to built and grow, regardless of my background and circumstances.”

If a client asked you where the best place in town was to eat, where would you send them!? “I have too many favourite restaurants, as my husband and I love trying new places! The top of my list would definitely be Rouge, Vintage, Living Room or the Oak Room at the Palliser. Those are my “go-to” restaurants that never fail.”

So, when you aren’t being superwoman… oops, I mean a REALTOR®, what are your favourite hobbies? “I enjoy politics, reading, biking, hiking & volunteering.”

Who or what, is your inspiration? Why? “I am inspired by people who are happy and generous, in regards to both time or money. I also am inspired by successful people who have overcome incredible odds, or individuals who have achieved things that they never thought possible. I believe you can find inspiration in almost anything if you look close enough. Based on that, I would say I am inspired more by the moments people have, rather than one individual. So, many moments on a daily basis inspire me.”


Robyn Moser- President & Team Lead

Being born and raised in Calgary, gives Robyn an in-depth knowledge of the communities in and around our city, a city in which she has great pride. Her knowledge comes in handy when helping clients choose which community is right for their family and their lifestyle. It is also a big advantage when marketing a home. Knowing how to correctly position a home in a competitive market help sell our listings faster and for top dollar.

Robyn started in Real Estate in 1998, where she was a 21 year old in an industry with an average age of 52. She quickly excelled and was very honored to receive second place for “Rookie REALTOR ® of the Year.” Every year since, Robyn has received an award; these include: 2002 – Director’s Award, for being in the top 15% of sales, 2003 and 2004 – President’s Award, for being in the top 10% of sales, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 – Chairman’s Award for the top 5% of sales, 2008 and 2010 – Pinnacle for being in the top 1% of sales for all of Maxwell Realty Canada Inc. She has also placed in the MLS Million Dollar Club numerous times.

Throughout Robyn’s career she has continued to upgrade her Real Estate licensing and knowledge. She has completed her Real Estate Broker’s course and is now an Associate Broker. This designation would best be described as having a master’s degree in Real Estate. She has also competed her designation as an Accredited Buyers Representative. Robyn not only uses her extensive knowledge to help her clients but also to train and mentor many of the new Real Estate agents. By doing so, she hopes to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the members in her industry.

In 2005 Robyn brought together an amazing team under the banner of “Robyn Moser & Associates”. The team has grown to become one of the top Real Estate teams in Calgary, Alberta, by continually providing exemplary service to all of our past, present and future clients. Robyn prides herself on the level of customer service my team provides by helping our clients with all aspects of their Real Estate transaction ensuring they fully understand each point. The part that Robyn admires most about RMA is how they all care about the overall success and happiness of each and every individual client. She feels truly honored to work with this group of people day in and day out.

Pre-Approval: Ask these questions!


Mortgage & House

Mortgage & House

Robyn Moser, Crystal Stashko & Lindsay Perrault got together to think of a list of good questions to ask when getting pre-qualified for a mortgage – the following list should prove to be quite helpful for this step of the home-hunting process

Is the amount the lender has given me my loan amount or my purchase price? – Many times financial officers or mortgage brokers will speak in loan values not total purchase price. This reason is because the amount you qualify will not change because mortgage rules are very strict but your down payment can vary.  It’s important to clarify this so that you do not end up wanting to purchase a home you cannot afford or so that you do not miss out on your dream home because you are dreaming too small.

What is my locked in rate for a five year fixed mortgage and how long is it guaranteed for? – If rates go up you know what your guaranteed rate is.  If rates go down you will be offered the lower rate. Rates are normally guarantee’d for 90-120 days after pre-approval.

What are my numbers on my GDSR and my TDSR?

GROSS DEBT SERVICE RATIO – 32% – GDSR is the ratio of your gross income, reduced to 32% of that amount that can be allocated to mortgage debt, property taxes, ½ condo fees, an allocation towards heat (very important in Canada). i.e. $50,000.00 gross income = $4,166.00 per month = $1,330.00 applicable monies

TDSR is the ratio of your gross income, reduced to 40% of that amount that can be allocated to (see above) mortgage debt, property taxes, ½ condo fees an allocation towards heat and all other outside committed payments.

Examples of outside committed payments:

  • Auto loans
  • Auto leases
  • Credit card payments
  • Lines of credit
  • Student loan payments
  • Loans
  • Alimony
  • Child support payments
  • Personal guarantees on other person’s loans – i.e. son’s motorcycle loan, personal guarantee on daughter’s mortgage!

**These calculations determine, in the eyes of credit grantors, your ability to service the mortgage debt load. **

What would my payments be at my maximum loan value? – A lot of times buyers get caught up on purchase price when looking at homes but the reality for you will be your monthly payments of your mortgage, taxes, condo fees and utility bills. We feel it’s important for you to have a clear picture of your monthly budget and life while looking at homes.

What paperwork do you require for me to complete a purchase when I make an offer? There is a long list of documents your broker will require when you make an offer on a home in order to get in order to give you a full financial commitment when you find your dream home.


 You will always need a financing condition if you require a mortgage on an offer because the lending institution will need to also verify the value of the property as well as whether or not you will be able to handle the payment.

What is my Beacon score & Canadian Credit Bureau Score? – Equifax and Transunion uss multiple factors to produce your credit or beacon score. Your credit/beacon score is generated by a mathematical formula created by credit bureau / agency. To calculate your score, typically 5 areas are assessed. The weight of each factor is determined by the effect of the other three.

  • Past payment history (33%) – Bankruptcies, late payments, past due accounts and wage attachments
  • Amount of credit owing (33%) – Amount owed on accounts, proportion of balances to total credit limits
  • Length of time credit established (12%) – Time since accounts opened, time since account activity
  • Search for and acquisition of new credit (12%) – Number of recent credit inquiries, number of recently opened accounts
  • Types of credit established (10%) – Number of various types of accounts (credit cards, retail accounts, mortgage)

If these questions are answered clearly before you begin the process of looking for a home – you shouldn’t have any difficulties knowing what you want and what you can afford, thus, making the process THAT much easier!

Our New Corporate Charter!

We're so happy to be able to share our new charter!

We’re so happy to be able to share our new charter!