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Deciding to sell is a big decision, not only financially but also emotionally. Because of that, some sellers have been known to unconsciously thwart the efforts of the very real estate representative they’ve hired to sell their home. For the best results, please not the following seller guidelines and entrust the home selling to your sales representative.

  • DON’T price the property based on personal factors. Should you price based on sentimental value, your financial needs or what a friend thinks you should be able to get, instead of on the facts and figures your real estate representative provides via a comparative market analysis (CMA), you hinder your rep’s ability to sell your property quickly.
  • DO make the home easy to show. Your real estate rep’s marketing plan has generated a lot of interest in your property – great! But if, for instance, you establish very limited viewing hours, or cancel appointments, you can make it difficult for your sales representative to show your home, and the harder it is for them to show, the harder it is for them to sell.
  • DO make sure the home shows well. Even if your home is easily accessible for showings, should you neglect to clean and de-clutter it, neutralize its decor, and make necessary repairs, it may not show well.
  • DON’T deal directly with buyers. One of your real estates rep’s many services is to pre-screen buyers for qualified candidates on your behalf, keeping the negotiation process objective and on task.

Lets work together to make your real estate experience as smooth and efficient as possible!


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